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Hey Friends! It’s not often I get to find projects I’m this passionate about and I wanted to share. What you’re looking at is the first two minutes I scored of a documentary titled Africa: A Kung Fu Story. From the second I saw the original trailer I wanted to be a part of this.

Eric Mazimpaka is a stunt man who’s worked on shows like Arrow, Supernatural, D.C. Legends of Tomorrow and many more. Him and his fellow stunt friends flew out to Tanzania to shed light on this Kung fu dojo and inspire an entire new generation of film makers and stunt men and women. I love that they not only came to film all the amazing work they’ve been doing, but they also left them with the tools they needed to create their own films as well.

The children in this dojo will also be featured in their up coming feature film "Ghosts in the Canopy" (I’ll be working on that with them too.)

Eric and his team are such a dope, passionate and gifted group of individuals. I’m honored to be welcomed on to their team for their next project titled Ghosts in the Canopy. Be on the lookout for this documentary releasing sometime next year!

You can keep up to date by following @a_kungfustory on Instagram

And as always Stay Positive, Stay Humble, Stay Creative and Stay Hopeful. Love Yall!

I just want to thank everyone who took the time to watch the rescore event I had on my website. Because of all the incredible feedback I got from friends, filmmakers and industry workers all around, I'm definitely going to do another one soon. If you missed the rescore event for "Hero" you can check out the animated short on my youtube page. Just click the link and enjoy!

Working with Sara Lessmann was a blast. This animated film was so fun and funny. I was able to implement some great ideas into my cues. One of my favorite moments was sampling a huge pile of chapsticks and creating an instrument out of them. I incorporated this weird, spooky percussion instrument in one of the final cues. Since this film is currently on its film festival run I won’t spoil anything. Just know that in the climax of the film that weird feeling that's tickling your ears is me trying to creep you out! If you catch the film at one of the many film festivals this year I hope you enjoy!

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